Your Next 24 Hours

There is a distinct difference between thoughts and actions. Your brain has the ability to process ideas and thoughts six to seven times faster than real time. This means, you can actually redirect any thought you have, significantly faster than is humanly possible to act upon it. Becoming more aware of our thought patterns allows us to distinguish the difference between a logical or emotional response.

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Suicide Safety & Survival Plan

Your personalized Safety & Survival Plan is your prioritized and documented list of coping strategies, social connections, and life-affirming resources. The development of your plan will likely be a therapeutic exercise. It will help you identify and remind yourself of your personal strengths, purpose, support system, and coping skills before, during, and after times of suicidal ideation.

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THE MORE YOU KNOW about risk factors, behaviors, and protective factors, the better protected you and your loved ones will be from suicidal action.