“LiFE OF HOPE has been very beneficial in helping me cope with a family member who has attempted suicide several times. The staff offered so much love and support. I feel I am not alone. Having someone to speak with who understands my feelings and situation relieves a lot of stress. I also appreciate all the options they offer to educate myself about suicide and all the resources available to get a loved one help who is or may be suicidal. Working with LiFE OF HOPE helped me to better understand my emotions and compose myself so I can be a better support for my family and our family member going through such a difficult time.” ~ Angela

We first learned of LiFE OF HOPE from an individual at St. Joseph’s Hospital after our daughter’s second suicide attempt. When we survived the first attempt we did everything possible to ensure that she got the help that she needed, what we failed to realize is that we needed support as well. Participating in the peer support groups has been a tremendous help in helping us cope and learn how to navigate this part of life. The journey that we are going through is not an easy one but with LiFE OF HOPE’s support, it has been more hopeful. LiFE OF HOPE is near and dear to my heart and that is why I am proud to serve on the board. ~ Dave

“What brought me to LiFE OF HOPE was my feeling of hopelessness and not having anyone to talk to. It’s a very dark path to be on when you feel like the world you live in is suffocating and/or drowning you in one bad thing after another. To feel like you can’t catch a break, or to feel as if the only people you want to live for do not appreciate you or care enough makes it tough to move forward.  I often thought about what life would be like without my existence. I even found myself wishing and/or praying that one night I could just go to sleep and not wake up. I then thought about my children though. I thought about my childhood friend I lost to suicide, and the pain I saw her children go through afterwards and the pain that still lingers. I could not imagine this for my children, but then thought, what if I had a day I didn’t care? This is when I reached out to LOH for help. I still have days and nights I struggle, but the difference now is knowing I have a place to turn whenever I feel alone and need to talk. LiFE OF HOPE has become my family. I am HOPEFUL and STRONGER with LOH in my corner. No words can say thank you enough in helping me through my journey this far”. ~ Nicole