“You saved my life. I walk in shaking and scared. I was expecting to change my mind. I figured I’d get a lecture on how suicide wasn’t the answer, a hotline number, and a promise “things will get better”. I did get those things but much more. In 3 hours I found love. That’s what saved my life.”

Courtney S

“LiFE OF HOPE has been very beneficial in helping me cope with a family member who has attempted suicide several times. The staff offered so much love and support. I feel I am not alone. Having someone to speak with who understands my feelings and situation relieves a lot of stress. I also appreciate all the options they offer to educate myself about suicide and all the resources available to get a loved one help who is or may be suicidal. Working with LiFE OF HOPE helped me to better understand my emotions and compose myself so I can be a better support for my family and our family member going through such a difficult time.”


“I was in a place where there seemed life was hopeless. I was reluctant to come to your establishment for I figured what good can it do. Another person telling me hang in there, it will get better. To my surprise you did so much more.” 


“Thank you for offering me hope and a chance to get back to the life I once knew. I never thought I could trust so many people to walk my healing journey with me.” 

Tammie N

We applaud your effort and strides in the Washington County area with your mission in the reduction of suicides in your community. You are making a difference and we are proud to align with your ambition. 

The Charles E Kubly Foundation

“We first learned of LiFE OF HOPE from an individual at St. Joseph’s Hospital after our daughter’s second suicide attempt. When we survived the first attempt we did everything possible to ensure that she got the help that she needed, what we failed to realize is that we needed support as well. Participating in the peer support groups has been a tremendous help in helping us cope and learn how to navigate this part of life. The journey that we are going through is not an easy one but with LiFE OF HOPE’s support, it has been more hopeful. LiFE OF HOPE is near and dear to my heart and that is why I am proud to serve on the board.”


“You guys are amazing. Most definitely coming back.” 


“What brought me to LiFE OF HOPE was my feeling of hopelessness and not having anyone to talk to. It’s a very dark path to be on when you feel like the world you live in is suffocating and/or drowning you in one bad thing after another. To feel like you can’t catch a break, or to feel as if the only people you want to live for do not appreciate you or care enough makes it tough to move forward.  I often thought about what life would be like without my existence. I even found myself wishing and/or praying that one night I could just go to sleep and not wake up. I then thought about my children though. I thought about my childhood friend I lost to suicide, and the pain I saw her children go through afterwards and the pain that still lingers. I could not imagine this for my children, but then thought, what if I had a day I didn’t care? This is when I reached out to LOH for help. I still have days and nights I struggle, but the difference now is knowing I have a place to turn whenever I feel alone and need to talk. LiFE OF HOPE has become my family. I am HOPEFUL and STRONGER with LOH in my corner. No words can say thank you enough in helping me through my journey this far”.


We support LiFE OF HOPE because we strongly believe in and share their vision for a world without suicide. Being an annual corporate sponsor allows us to see first-hand where the funds are being distributed and the positive impact it creates. We are also thankful for the many programs offered by LiFE OF HOPE that provide us a personal, local resource for our own employees that may be in need. 


“LiFE OF HOPE offers an unparalleled array of services to the community and I believe it is truly important to increase others’ awareness of the organization. Christian Family Solutions Counseling is proud to be a partner in your mission.”  

Rachel Miller, PsyD, LP, Clinical Director, Germantown, WI

“Thank you for LiFE OF HOPE. Thank you for the brave team who take their pain and transform it to connect with others like me.”


“While at work, I received an odd text messages from my youngest sister in Montana. She had been going through some significant challenges in her life. Her text explained that she was leaving work ‘to end it all’.

As I sat at my desk, I felt helpless here in Wisconsin. In tears, I reached out to LiFE OF HOPE who helped me calm down. I was encouraged to get a third party intervention involved. I was also told that my sister would most likely be angry with me but it’s what we needed to do. I was given the phone number for the national suicide hotline and instruction on how to triangulate a call, from here in Wisconsin, with family in Montana so that help could be accessed for my sister. The hotline helped walk us step-by-step through what we needed to do. Thank God for bringing LiFE OF HOPE into my life. My sister is still with us today, after spending a few days in a hospital until she was safe to return home.

Years before, I met Deeatra (LiFE OF HOPE Founder) at a business networking function. I had only known her as a respected business leader until she started LOH. It was then that she shared her secret of having survived a serious suicide attempt many years earlier. I was so surprised to think that she would have ever thought to end her own life. You see, you would never guess by looking at my sister or Deeatra that they are the face of suicide attempts. The truth is, suicide doesn’t discriminate and we are all affected in one way or another.  We need to talk about suicide so we are aware of the signs and so those who are in dark places know they are not alone. There is hope to see the light again.”


Our community is made up of many different people, with far too many facing the topic of suicide… even if we don’t see it. We support the LiFE OF HOPE mission and their programs that help educate and heal so many.

Johnson Bus Company

“LiFE OF HOPE has played an important role in our family. When depression and mental illness entered my life, I was ill prepared to deal with it in an effective manner. I knew very little about it because I never expected it to play a part in MY life! I watched it take over parts of my life that meant the most to me, and I crumbled when it almost stole someone precious from me!  Even with my faith, the love and support from my amazing husband, wonderful family, and close friends, I struggled to find a path toward understanding and healing. I certainly didn’t feel that I was being effective in any areas of my life. I was distracted and overwhelmed. Then… I attended a LiFE OF HOPE event. It helped bring perspective and clarity back into my view.  And it allowed me to feel HOPE again. I am so grateful to have found LiFE OF HOPE and I am thrilled to now play a part in the LiFE OF HOPE mission.”


“We believe that LiFE OF HOPE is a great organization and want to continue to see it expand and help people. We want to continue to support LiFE OF HOPE. I think you are doing an amazing job at recognizing your sponsors.  The website links and logos on all of the promotions are actually exceeding some of the recognition that I am seeing from other organizations.”

Gruber Tool & Die

“I am a firm believer and supporter of LiFE OF HOPE and their mission. Unlike many illnesses, suicide can be prevented. What LiFE OF HOPE does to help prevent this is second to none. They get out the awareness that we all need to truly open our eyes to what’s happening and then they educate and support our community. LiFE OF HOPE and Cousin’s Subs in West Bend and Kewaskum work well together with our voices and platforms to help spread the word that suicide is preventable.” 

Keith Novotny, Franchise Owner

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