Founder + Executive Director
Deeatra Kajfosz – I believe we all need and deserve a second chance at LiFE. For me, I’ve received many second chances (sometimes within a single day). LiFE OF HOPE is my way of helping others understand what I didn’t; suicide is not selfish, cowardice, or weak. It’s a state of severe psychological pain. And, it’s preventable! Our peer-based, comprehensive approach to preventing suicide attempts and loss is working. Lives are not only being saved, they are being filled with a sense of purpose. Connection and HOPE truly are the keys to prevention and LiFE.

Office Manager
Amy Duening – I serve the LOH mission because I have seen loved ones survive the depths of depression and suicide ideation, going on to live in HOPE and happiness. I believe that suicide is preventable and that everyone suffering deserves to experience that for themselves. I believe the challenges faced by those experiencing thoughts of suicide affect friends, family, and others as well. I appreciate that our peer-based programs focus on how the topic of suicide affects us all. For those walking the journey with a loved one in suicide ideation or crisis, their pain needs to be addressed as well. LOH is filled with people who truly strive to create authentic connections and who are invested in the lives of the guests and in the mission.

NOTE: We are seeking to hire a new Office Manager with the support, training, and encouragement of Amy, our current Office Manager. If you enjoy leading an all-star team toward an exciting future, we look forward to receiving your application. Must be fluent in QuickBooks, highly organized, kind, fun, and willing to go beyond a defined job description to inspire, lead, empower, collaborate, and produce results.

Awareness Liaison – LiFE OF HOPE is seeking a marketing talent to join our LiFE-Saving team. If you know someone with a zest for LiFE, knack for promotion through all media outlets, great attention to detail, and ability to manage many tasks with an “outcomes” minded perspective for advertising, event planning, and community, we’d love to hear from them!

Education Liaison
Lori Newhauser – I am here to serve the LiFE OF HOPE mission, because someone I love very much died by suicide. I don’t want another family to go through that pain, so I am here to help in any way I can. My favorite aspect of LOH would definitely be the people I work with, and the those I meet who are on their own journey. I love it when I see our guests leave after a visit to our office on a much happier and calmer than when they first came to see us. They leave HOPE-full.

Support Liaison – Stabilization Support Specialist
Amy Schultz – I feel honored to be part of the LOH mission because it is important for me to be there for others when they need support the most. There was a time in my life when LOH was a important part of my own recovery journey, when I was struggling. Often times, this is where I found the support I needed. My favorite aspect of our office environment has always been the closeness that you feel with everyone when walking thru the door; everyone is welcomed with a smile. There is no judgement here at LOH and we are here to meet and support our guests where they are in their own personal journey.

Office Assistant
Jody Weaton – I grew up with feelings of not being good enough, feeling like a burden if I was anything but cheerful, like I wouldn’t be missed if I disappeared. I now know that those thoughts are lies!  I want every person to know that they are worth so much and are good enough, never a burden and they would definitely be missed. ~ Like our guests, I felt accepted the minute I walked in the door and continue to feel that way.  I enjoy every aspect of being part of the LOH team. Love and support flows here! It’s a safe, welcoming, and helpful place to connect and heal.

Grant Writer  – Join our team and contribute toward the future of our LiFE-Saving mission by applying your organization and grant writing skills to our Three Pillars of Influence. We are changing the landscape of suicide prevention and welcome you to apply for an opportunity to truly make a difference.

Office Mascot
Bailey (seven pound Pomeranian) – I love meeting new people, no matter who they are or what brings them to our door. My favorite part of being the LiFE OF HOPE Office Mascot is helping infuse a sense of joy and unconditional love into each new day. When someone comes to us desperate for understanding and support, I’d like to think that my presence helps to calm their fears and heal their heart in some small way. I may be small, but my dedication to adding a bit of joy to our guest’s day/LiFE is mighty! If that means doing tricks on command or comforting a guest by sitting on their lap during a visit, I’m here to cheer them on with my Pom Pom personality.

NOTE: Bailey would never want to bring harm to anyone, so if you are afraid or allergic to dogs, please let us know and we’ll make sure you are safe and comfortable during your visit(s) to see us. You’d be amazed and what Bailey can achieve, even when sitting on the sideline.