AWARENESS | There are many aspects to raising awareness for the topic of suicide. LiFE OF HOPE believes SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE. One community. One family. One LiFE at a time. However, we also believe changed perspectives (reduced stigma) and healthy behaviors (coping skills) begin with raising a healthy awareness, void of judgment or shame, through a message of HOPE and healing.

Billboard displayed inside Hartford Union and West Bend High Schools in partnership with Ad-ucation Media

COMMUNITY WIDE AWARENESS | Our awareness building initiatives are focused on promoting the LiFE OF HOPE mission, separating fact from myth, and encouraging healthy discussions surrounding the risk factors, behaviors, and intervention options associated with suicide.  All outbound promotion of awareness messaging may include but is not limited to our Youth Impact Committee, LiFE OF HOPE website, email, social media, broadcast, print publications, outdoor, community venues, and special event engagement. Messaging is designed to target all demographics within and beyond Washington County.

YOUTH IMPACT COMMITTEE / CLUB | LiFE OF HOPE recognizes the value of youth perspectives, understanding that many teens and young adults are affected by suicide ideation, attempt, death, and loss. It is during these formative years that LiFE OF HOPE also believes great ideas can inspire positive change. For this reason, we welcome areas schools and youth to engage in our collaborative leadership program.

While developing real-world skills, Youth Impact Club/Committee members embrace and promote improved mental health and suicide prevention. Each school group works independently on a local scale to make suicide a talkable topic within their local community. Club Advisers (school faculty) and Delegates (club members) facilitate their school’s chapter. Club Delegates from all area clubs meet together to share ideas and oversee larger, collaborative initiatives and events. It is through the trust and empowerment granted to the youth of our community that they are encouraged to contribute a measurable impact through LiFE-Saving change.

There are only four simple steps to starting a Youth Impact Club in your high school. To learn how to organize a Youth Impact Club contact the LiFE OF HOPE office by calling (262) 429-1556 or email

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