qpr programsYou are not alone when helping yourself or someone you know in crisis. There are many resources available to identify and engage a person who is experiencing suicide ideation. Review the risk factors, behaviors, and protective factors for suicide as a good starting point for understanding the topic.

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Did you know more than 10 million Americans consider suicide each year? Thankfully, the majority who feel hopeless and consider suicide, go on to achieve a state of mental health and live fulfilling lives. You and your loved ones can find the HOPE that exists beyond suicide ideation and survived attempt. Crisis lines, counselors, intervention programs, and more are available to you and/or the person experiencing the emotional crisis. TOGETHER, SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE!

One community. One family. One LiFE at at time.

LiFE OF HOPE consists of Three Pillars of Influence.




LiFE OF HOPE programs are made possible through sponsorship, fundraisers, donations, grants, and volunteers. As LiFE OF HOPE continues to grow, the programs will be expanded to meet the needs of the community. If you have questions about one or more of the above Three Pillars of Influence, please contact us.