HOPE Notes Music Fest

Apply today for a chance to be one of the ten (10) performances featured at the inaugural HOPE Notes Music Fest.

Applicants may range in age from four (4) to one-hundred and four (104). Cover and original musical acts are encouraged to apply, as are soloists, duets, bands, choirs, orchestras, instrumentalists, a Capella, etc. Diversity among acts is a key component to this collection of local musical performers.

Applicants should be prepared to complete the following form, providing video sample(s) of musical performance(s) and be available on Wednesday, August 14th between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:15pm, in the HOPE-full anticipation of being selected as one of the HOPE Notes community acts.

Selected performers will be chosen based on several criteria, including a 1-10 scale of (1) vocal clarity, (2) stage/performance presence, (3) emotional and audience connection, (4) presentation style and personality, (5) overall musical talent, (6) written HOPE Note message.

Entry deadline is Friday, June 21st at midnight.

Selected performers will be announced on or before Tuesday, July 5th via social media. Like LiFE OF HOPE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All ten (10) selected community performers will then compete to earn the position of “Opening Act” for the evening’s headlining band, Riding Shotgun. The musical act attracting the most money in support of the LiFE OF HOPE mission will earn this high-profile position in front of hundreds of music enthusiasts. Ideas and opportunities for fun, community engagement will be provided to enhance each act’s chance of earning this top performance position.

All selected acts will receive the following benefits:

  • Perform two cover or original songs before a live audience
  • Share a HOPE-full message to inspire HOPE in others
  • Gain exposure through HOPE Notes promotion (LOH website and social media)
  • Be listed in the HOPE Notes official program (photo, name, and short bio)
  • Receive a professional recording of your performance  
  • Receive customized materials to promote your performance

Get ready for a meaningful and memorable music fest like no other! REGISTER TODAY!

For more information on the application and selection process or to help with the HOPE Notes event, contact Anna at 262.429.1556 or Anna@LiFEofHOPEproject.org.

HOPE Notes Band Application

  • Thank you for your interest, time, and submission for consideration as a performer at the LiFE OF HOPE - HOPE Notes Music Fest. I understand this event is a community awareness, fundraising event, designed to create community connections through music while raising funds to support the FREE awareness, education, and support programs of LiFE OF HOPE, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to making suicide a talkable topic, reducing the rate of suicide ideation, attempt, and loss through peer-based programming. All profits from HOPE Notes Music Fest will be dedicated to the LiFE OF HOPE organization and those we serve. PLEASE TYPE "YES" above to acknowledge you have read and accept the STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING. This is required to submit your application. ~ Thank you!
  • Select the genre of music your performance most fits into.
  • Select the type of performance.
  • Select all that apply...
  • What is the age or "average" age of your act? Select the age category that best matches.
  • Enter link(s) to website(s) featuring your performances.
  • Enter link(s) to social media pages featuring performance(s) such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Enter the city and zip code associated with your primary contact information.
  • Enter the city and zip code associated with your secondary contact information.
  • Please provide the NAME OF THE SONG and SONG WRITER'S NAME of the first song you HOPE to play at this year's HOPE Notes Music Fest. It can be an original or cover hit and should inspire HOPE in you and the audience.
  • Please provide the NAME OF THE SONG and SONG WRITER'S NAME of the second song you HOPE to play at this year's HOPE Notes Music Fest. Again, it can be an original or cover hit and should inspire HOPE in you and the audience.
  • Please explain how the songs you listed above are HOPE-filled and how music brings you a sense of HOPE. If selected as one of our ten performances for the HOPE Notes Music Fest, this statement will be read by you after your performance as you share your musical Notes and a HOPE-full Note with the audience.
  • Please provide a clip of a past performance or recording of the song you wish to perform at HOPE Notes to be considered to play at the event.
  • Please provide a photo that can be used on LiFE OF HOPE website and social media to identify your group if you are selected to perform.
  • Price: $50.00 Quantity:
    An application fee of $50 is required. An additional, minimum $200 sponsorship is required if you are selected to play as one of ten local musical acts during the HOPE Notes Music Fest on Wednesday, August 14th. All proceeds from applications and sponsorships go toward the LiFE OF HOPE mission in support of raising awareness, increasing education, and providing support for the reduction of suicide ideation, attempt, and loss. Selected acts will receive band/artist promotion on LiFE OF HOPE Social Media channels and website, name on print marketing materials and programs, and a professional visual and audio recording of your performance to be given after the event.