LiFE OF HOPE: Suicide Awareness and Prevention


  • Who (we strive to reach): one community, one family, one life at a time
  • Where (geographic area): washington county
  • What (the mission): reduce the number of suicide attempts thereby leading to a natural reduction in the lives lost to suicide.
  • How (hope in action): raise a healthy awareness of risk factors, behaviors, and intervention options associated with suicide, void of judgment or shame, through a message of hope and healing
  • Why (it matters): SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE


What (the vision): create a world without suicide

Life like you mean itLiFE OF HOPE provides programs and resources to help people better understand the topic of suicide risk factors, ideation, behaviors, interventions, and the LiFE that exists through HOPE and healing. Ours is a message of HOPE, because with hope, all things (even healing, happiness, forgiveness, understanding, and LiFE) are possible. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. While the feelings of isolation, fear, shame, and overwhelming helplessness are very real for those who come to believe their struggle to survive is one they can no longer endure, there is HOPE and a LiFE-time worthy of living.

By working to provide community education, tools, and resources for improved coping during times of suicide ideation, we strive to prevent suicide attempts in Washington County. We believe that a reduction in suicide attempt will led to a natural reduction of lives lost to suicide.

Join our mission! Contact us today to learn more about our programs, events, and the many volunteer roles within LiFE OF HOPE!

LiFE OF HOPE is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in Washington County, Wisconsin with a mission to raise awareness and prevent suicide attempts and deaths in our community. In partnership with others, we are dedicated to reducing the negative stigma associated with mental illness and suicide attempt through education, support, and intervention resources.

Our program is designed to provide hope and healing to those effected by suicide ideation and attempt by addressing the topic from a community perspective. Our Three Pillars of Influence includes:




We welcome men, women, families, businesses, and organizations to join us in our mission to reach all members of our community with our message of hope and healing. Suicide effects everyone. Together we can light the way for those who are in need of a new perspective.

One community.
One family.
One LiFE at a time.