You can SAVE-A-LiFE. Where will you begin?

ARE YOU A MAN BETWEEN THE AGES OF 45-64? CONTACT US to learn how you can help with the development of WELLNESS 4 LiFE, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for area manufacturers and other businesses. 


At LiFE OF HOPE, we believe even one LiFE lost to suicide is one too many. Whether you are experiencing suicide ideation, a survived attempt or loss or know someone who is, you are not alone. There is a better way to save lives. LiFE OF HOPE is “changing the landscape of suicide attempt and loss prevention” by filling the gaps within the current prevention model, offering actionable engagement for anyone in crisis or wanting to help SAVE-A-LiFE. Your journey toward HOPE and healing will come in many forms. LiFE OF HOPE offers seven programs designed to raise AWARENESS, increase EDUCATION, and provide SUPPORT to those most affected by the topic of suicide.

Our team is comprised of compassionate individuals who have shared similar LiFE-Experiences to your own. We understand the isolation, fear, frustration, and deep-rooted pain that comes with thoughts of suicide. We have faced the unknown when trying to help a loved one who doesn’t know how to take the next step toward LiFE. And, we’ve found that the greatest step toward healing has come through connecting with others. We are not medical or mental health professions. We are simply people like you who have walked this unique journey before.

Tour our site. Call our office. Stop in to visit us in person. Contact us through this site. We are here for YOU.